In the field of our activities, we apply a quality management system according to the international standard ISO 9001 and ensure the security of our information by applying information security system ISO 27001.

We systematically align our activities with applicable laws, regulations and norms.

We are committed to a course of action that will be recognized on the market as a reliable, quality and desirable partner.

With the quality of our services, we show our clients a willingness to cooperate, recognize and meet their needs and expectations.

Valuable data obtained from our clients on how to perform tasks for and on behalf of them, and the results of internal audits are the basis for the implementation of continuous improvements to our services.

We shape the organization of information security so that it is effective and fully meets the formal security requirements prescribed by norms and laws. We have precisely defined the security roles that have been transferred to qualified people and provide the necessary rights and resources.

We pay special attention to the education and constant improvement of our employees and their personal satisfaction and their encouragement to work creatively on improving quality. We also continuously raise awareness among our employees about the need for information security.

Trained and motivated employees of our company contribute with their professional work to creating trust in contact with business partners.

By regularly identifying information assets that go within the scope of isms application and also by identifying risks and sharing acceptable risks, we make the choice of necessary security controls taking into account their justification, functionality and cost-effectiveness.

Due to the nature of the services we provide, we need a high availability of the information system. Therefore, we have ensured proper management of business continuity, in order to protect critical parts of our system from the possible “catastrophe effect” as well as from intentional or unintended harm, and business continuity we constantly monitor and make the necessary adjustments.

In this way, we want our company to remain successful and with profitable realization and economically stable to the satisfaction of our clients.

To help achieve our commitments, we apply an integrated quality and information security management system according to the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards.

The evaluation of the success of our services is given by the users of our services, and therefore we receive every critical and benevolent opinion and is the basis for continuous improvement of quality and information security.

Director and board member Enel Split d.o.o.

Slobodan Danilovic

In Split, 18.04.2019.