Thanks to many years of experience and numerous successfully executed projects, Enel has profiled itself as a system house that is capable of doing the most complex tasks using the turnkey method. We offer our customers contractual or preventive maintenance, adapted to individual business needs, which may include:

  • Designing and securing the necessary IT infrastructure
  • Monitoring the need of spare parts to maintain the IT system
  • Timely warning users to modify worn-out and unreliable parts
  • Server Installations
  • Maintain server functionality
  • Workstation installations
  • Maintaining workstation functionality
  • Preparation and maintenance of technical documentation describing the ITINERARY of users
  • Go to a user’s location upon reporting a failure in a defined time response
  • Troubleshooting the user’s location (if possible) or dismantling and troubleshooting the service location and returning the equipment to the user’s location, proper connection and commissioning
  • Preventive thorough cleaning of equipment – year-on-year (dusting from the housing, from the cooled power unit, CPU fan, cleaning of the FDD head, CD device, cleaning of the monitor screen, cleaning of the rollers and interior of the printer, and inspection of toner and ink)
  • Creating a procedure for storing data backups (“backup”) important and necessary for the user’s business
  • Preventive itinerary overview – frequency of inspections is defined by the Contract towards the user
  • Tips for installing the necessary “service packs” and “patches” on servers and workstations
  • Advising users to achieve greater stability and security of the IT system
  • Keeping user data in strict secrecy and discretion
  • Providing telephone support

Problems in the operation of the system, users can report by phone, e-mail or helpdeska.