Software AG

In today’s increasingly competitive business world, the digital transformation of business has become a necessity for survival in the market.Therefore, for Enel it is also necessary, for its more than two decades long experience in the IT market, to redirect towards the digital transformation of the business of existing and new clients.

In accordance with the stated circumstances in the IT market, we continue our successful business and partnership cooperation with the global leader of digital transformation; SOFTWARE AG for the entire region (from Slovenia, Croatia, BiH, to Macedonia).

Software AG is present as a global leader in a number of business markets; from banking, trade, state and state administration to manufacturing.

Just some of the Software AG solutions we can offer to current and future clients in the process of digital business transforming are:

  1. ARIS – world number 1 repository for business process analysis ( )
  2. Alphabet – Alphabet Business Architecture Management (
  3. WebMethods – IT resource integration and business process automation (
  4. Internet of Things (IoT) – using the Internet platform as media to manage various executive elements (
  5. Streaming analitics– tools and methods for withdrawing (publicly) available data from the Internet ( )
  6. Big Data Gateway – (

For more information about Software AG solutions, visit and youtube channel  Youtube